UHY Global

UHY member firms understand the choices and challenges you face in a fast-moving and competitive world full of opportunities and risks. Through UHY Global we want to share a little of the diversity, the thinking and the difference that a global UHY team can make.

UHY Global, a twice-yearly magazine previously known as UHY International Business, gives our readers insight into international business topics, featuring thought-leading opinions and experiences from global contributors including UHY member firms, leaders of UHY service and industry groups and external sources. A true representation of what UHY is about…

In each issue, we look at three key topics in addition to other features such as ‘Perspectives’, ‘Sharing our world’, ‘Cogs and wheels’ and ‘Awards and celebrations’.

Issue 9 - January 2020

  • 2020 Vision - accounting for change
  • Entertaining the world
  • Making wealth work harder
  • Renewable energy at the crossroads

Issue 8 - July 2019

  • A new world order
  • In need of charity
  • Innovative Africa
  • Success and Succession

Issue 7 - January 2019

  • Can AI make us better?
  • Eastern promise
  • Luxury at any price
  • Sun, sea and citizenship

Issue 6 – June 2018

  • Direction of travel
  • Pitfalls or potential
  • The rise and rise of the electric car
  • Is there an app for that?

Issue 5 – January 2018

  • Getting the gig
  • Is this the end of globalisation
  • Rethinking Europe beyond the west
  • Taxing the world

Issue 4 – June 2017

  • Continental Shift – Doing Business in the New Africa
  • Is the Future Alternative?
  • Smart Buildings Reach for the Skies

Issue 3 – December 2016

  • The Future Untethered
  • Why Artificial Intelligence is Good for Us
  • Turning the Tide on Cybercrime
  • China’s Changing Fortunes

Issue 2 – May 2016

  • ASEAN: Powerhouse Potential
  • Think city, think local: Global megatrends
  • Where start-ups succeed

Issue 1 – October 2015

  • Base Erosion Profit Shifting – BEPS
  • The challenges of internationalization
  • What’s happening in the automotive sector and supply chain.

Issue 31 July 2015

  • ‘Persist & prevail’: how to confront corruption
  • Healthcare and life sciences industry: on the cusp of a revolution
  • Europe on the road to recovery

Issue 30 January 2015

  • India: pipedream or reality?
  • Asean: a region of complexities and contradictions
  • Mexico: the new middle way

Issue 29 July 2014

  • India: pipedream or reality?
  • Asean: a region of complexities and contradictions
  • Mexico: the new middle way

Issue 26 January 2013

  • Let’s go international – but where?
  • The Andean Three: An economic powerhouse for Latin America
  • China’s declared backing for SMEs may open doors to foreign investors

Issue 25 July 2012

  • With Power Comes Responsibility
  • Bank Lending Critical as Global Economic Landscape Evolves
  • The World's Fastest-Growing Middle Class

Issue 24 January 2012

  • Power to the mid-market
  • Exports drive China's superpower status
  • A matter of trust

Issue 23 July 2011

  • Japan set for bounce-back
  • 'Next big thing' in emerging markets?
  • How SMEs go international

Issue 22 January 2011

  • Africa: now a business case, no longer a handout case
  • Dispute resolution just got easier
  • Renewable energy: where yesteryear meets tomorrow

Issue 19 July 2009

  • African trade zone strengthens bargaining power
  • Identifying risks through the eyes of our clients
  • Pharma giants underpin biotech minnows
  • Indonesia enigma: where now?

Issue 18 February 2009

  • Resilient businesses manage the crisis
  • Beware of thievesat the back door
  • The next generation of risk management
  • Emerging markets: risks and rewards

Issue 17 August 2008

  • One world, one standard– almost a reality?
  • Nigeria: now for the better news
  • Tax treaties: A competitive advantage in the era of globalisation
  • Europe set to battle over mobile workers

Issue 16 January 2008

  • Carbon trading: the new investor opportunity
  • SOX made simpler: adopting best practices to reduce risks and costs
  • Tentacles of new US fraud law likely to reach far and wide
  • Fair value accounting: is it fair?
  • Gateway to the Middle East